1. When and how can I start my challenge?
You can start your challenge as soon as you have purchased the program.

The complete components, 21 days worth of challenges and resource can be found on Videos Challenge members area. The steps by steps have been laid out for you to begin your challenge effortlessly.
2. I do not have professional equipment to shoot videos.
You can certainly start taking videos on your smartphone's camera. You will be able to start gearing up yourself with other film making tools like tripod, camera light, headphones, recorder, etc at a later stage.
3. Where can I see the progresses of other challengers?
We've set up a Facebook Group for our challengers of the particular month to inspire each other! Our team has dropped you an e-mail with the private link to the Facebook Group. Kindly visit our support page here if you require more support.
4. My recipient details have been entered wrongly, what should I do?
We will certainly make sure you get your Content Map Workbook! To update your recipient details, send us your proof of payment and updated recipient details in an email within 24 hours of your purchase.
5. How can I track the delivery of my workbook?
You can check the latest status of your booklet shipment here: UPS Tracking Site.
Your tracking number can be found in a shipment notification email sent to you earlier.
6. I haven’t received workbook, can I still carry on with my challenge?
YES! You will be able to kick start your challenge as soon as you have purchased the program. You can find the content of the workbook in PDF version on your members area.

The workbook is being shipped directly from the United States. It can take up to 10 working days (domestic) and 21 working days (international) for the booklet to be delivered.

Should you not receive your workbook after 21 working days, contact our support team via our support page here with attachment of your payment proof in order to investigate the shipment of your booklet
7. I need an invoice for my purchase.
We only generate receipts for Videos Challenge purchase. Click here to obtain a copy of your receipt.
8. I have purchased Videos Challenge on 4th January 2021, which challenge group should I join on Facebook?
You are required to join the challenge group on Facebook in the subsequent month of your purchase date. In this case, you will only need to join the group "Videos Gamechanger Challenge (February 2021)".
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